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Stats Breakdown

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As we dive into what the real estate market looked like around these parts to start the year, it must be pointed out that the January stats for our Local Board can be quite deceiving when you just look at the overall averages (and these “averages” are usually what is presented in the news and online).   [...]

First Quarter – Blips, Bumps, Inconsistencies, Anecdotes.

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Believe it or not, we’re already through the first quarter of 2018. Not only that, but the numbers are in, and not surprisingly we’re still in the midst of a Seller’s market. If you’re interested, read the excerpt below for an explanation of how a market is defined as either a [...]

To Sell or Not To Sell?

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Market update Are you’re dying to know, just like we were, if the Kingston and Area Real Estate Market has started to balance out in the first month of 2018?! Well in a nut shell, the answer is; nope, it has not. […]

Statistically Speaking

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…“Kingston and Area home sales reach five-year high for February” is the heading you’ll find on the Kingston Area Real Estate Association’s website for the previous month. Now, we guess we wouldn’t be surprising anyone at this point if we told you that 2017 is shaping up to be a very different [...]

Team Introduction

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New Year. New Team. New Website! Yes, that’s a lot of NEWS, but we’ve been hard at work the last few months and we’re finally ready to share some of it with you. As most of you know, we have officially announced the formation of the It’s Your Move Real Estate [...]