If asked, I think my friends and family would tell you “If you want something to get done, just ask Anne”. There’s no quit in me, there never really has been. I don’t know if I get it from my Mom (who raised my twin sister and I as a single parent) or if it’s something I was just born with. What I can tell you is that hard work and determination feel as though they’re just as much a part of me as limestone is a part of Kingston.

I take pride in this, and just happen to believe that a big part of success in almost everything we do can be correlated to how much of ourselves we put into it. If you work with me you’ll see this in action. Don’t worry though, I know my limits, and I also know that a good team is almost always stronger than a single person. When the situation calls for it, I’ll delegate activities to my team members which means I can re-focus my energy on you.

I guess that’s it, really. If you work with me I’ll strive to get you the best of both worlds. You’ll get my hard work and determination as well as the varied expertise of the REALTORS® that make up the It’s Your Move Real Estate Team.

…Oh, wait…you’ll also get my local knowledge (I’ve lived here since 1991, after all), my super efficiency (especially important when time is of the essence, and it almost always is), my sunny disposition (trust me, this is important), my solutions focused mind set (there are no problems only solutions), and last but not least, I promise to be ready when it’s time to celebrate.